The Congress Center is located on floors 01 and 02 of the Civil Engineering building within the Alameda campus of Instituto Superior Técnico. The map below shows the location of the building inside the campus circled in red. The red star marks the location of the Holiday Inn Hotel.
IST Alameda campus map

Below is the address and contact information of the Congress Center:

  • Address: Centro de Congressos do IST – Pav. Eng. Civil, IST, Avenida Rovisco Pais, 1049-001 Lisboa
  • Telephone: +351 218 418 069
  • Fax: +351 218 418 070
  • E-mail: ccongressos@ist.utl.pt

Around the campus, there are several facilities that are shown in the map below:

View QUATIC 2012 in a larger map

How to reach the Venue

From Lisbon airport you can take a taxi straight to the Alameda campus. A taxi ride will take about 10 minutes and cost around 10 EUR. Alternatively you can take the Aerobus shuttle (Line 1) which will take you to the Saldanha Plaza (see above map). From there it is a 5 minute walk to the campus. A 24-hour ticket for the shuttle should be 3.50 EUR.

Around Lisbon

Located in the center of Lisbon, the Alameda campus is well served by a public transport network of city buses and an underground subway system which reaches out to the outskirts of the city.

The following buses stop near the Alameda campus:

  • Av. Rovisco Pais: 16, 22, 40, 718, 720 and 767
  • Alameda: 7, 22, 718, 720 and 767
  • Saldanha: 16, 36, 44, 83, 718, 726 and 727

There are two subway stations near the campus, one on each side. At each station two subway tunnels connect:

  • Saldanha station: Yellow line and Red line
  • Alameda station: Green line and Red line

For further information such as timetables and fares visit the Carris and Metro de Lisboa websites.

If you have the spare time and feel like doing some sightseeing you can purchase the Lisboa Card which will grant you free access to public transportation as well as free admission (or at least a discount price) at several museums, historical buildings and other places of public interest. Other tourist discount cards are also available as well. You can find further information at the Visit Lisboa website.

We highly recommend you also visit the Go Lisbon website for a thorough list of the best places, restaurants and leisure activities both inside and outside the city.