Quality in ICT Service Management

Foreword by the Chair

Eric Dubois

IT service is, most likely, the fastest growing segment of the services economy. Web services, service-oriented architecture, self-service systems and cloud computing all involve a shift from product to service-centric thinking in the domains of computer science and information systems. The growth of IT services in terms of process management, frameworks and standards has been immense. ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000, CoBIT, ISO 27000 and CMMI all address service needs today. However, this shift to services in IT has not been accompanied by increased scientific understanding of the concepts of service quality and of the measurement of service quality. The majority of efforts have been limited to the implementation of SERVQUAL and asking simple questions of customers when service interactions are completed. Additional efforts are needed to understand the role of IT services within the context of more complex service systems made of technology, process and people connected through a value proposition with the aim of a dynamic value co-creation between customers and external/internal service systems. An alignment is needed between the quality of IT services and its contribution to the value of the service systems.

Papers in this track contribute to establish better foundations for a rethink of IT service quality measurement in terms of its design and of its monitoring. The first three presented papers are dealing with the IT service management context in general, while the first paper is more focused on the security quality issue.

In “Using DEMO to Identify IT Services”, C. Mendes, J. Ferreira and M. Mira Da Silva propose and validate a systematic method for accurately identifying the services of the organisation to be part of the Service Catalog which is central in the setting-up of an IT Service Management.

The second paper ”A Method for Identifying IT Services Using Incidents” presents a complementary approach to the one proposed in the previous paper. M. Rosa, N. Gama and M. Mira Da Silva propose a method to identify services through incidents based on a reference catalog.

In “Using a CRM Approach for Implementing an Information System to Support ITIL”, A. Vieira, S. Figueiredo and M. Mira Da Silva are considering the information system support needed for the implementation of IT Service Management within an organization. A requirements engineering approach is proposed to elicit the requirements for this system.

The fourth paper “On Optimizing the Path to Information Security Compliance” focuses on the specific security quality. M. Dieguez, C. Cares and S. Sepulveda discuss preliminary ideas regarding the elaboration of a framework addressing the problem of reaching some control-based security standard from the perspective of an optimization problem.

Last but not least, I would like also to thank my colleague Marion Lepmets from Public Research Centre Henri Tudor who act as a very efficient co-chair in the elaboration of this track.

Track Committee

Program Committee

  • Luciano Baresi
    Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Aileen Cater-Steel
    University of Southern Queensland, Australia
  • Xavier Franch
    Technical University of Catalunya, Spain
  • Claude Godart
    University of Lorraine, France
  • Jaap Gordijn
    Free University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Bill Hefley
    University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • Marko Jäntti
    University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  • Natalia Kryvinska
    Vienna University of Technology, Austria
  • Lin Liu
    Tsinghua University, China
  • Antonia Mas
    University of Balearic Islands, Spain
  • Andreas Metzger
    University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
  • Jean-Henri Morin
    University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Ahmed Seffah
    Troyes University of Technology, France
  • Thomas Setzer
    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
  • Eric Yu
    University of Toronto, Canada


Room V1.32
Time Title Authors
16:00–17:30 Session 1
Using DEMO to Identify IT Services Carlos Mendes, João Ferreira, Miguel Mira Da Silva (IST-UTL, Portugal)
A Method for Identifying IT Services Using Incidents Maria Do Mar Rosa, Nelson Gama, Miguel Mira Da Silva (IST-UTL, Portugal)
Using a CRM Approach for Implementing an Information System to Support ITIL Ana Vieira, Soraia Figueiredo, Miguel Mira Da Silva (IST-UTL, Portugal)
On Optimizing the Path to Information Security Compliance Mauricio Dieguez, Carlos Cares, Samuel Sepúlveda (University of La Frontera, Chile)