Quality in Mobile Engineering (merged into “Quality in Web and Mobile Engineering” track)

This track was merged into the Quality in Web and Mobile Engineering track.

Call for papers

Today, mobile devices and applications (apps) are an inherent part of our private and business life. We use aps to consume content, get entertained, perform personal information management like mail and calendar, or take notes. Organizations more and more use highly specialized apps developed for their business, for instance, pilots of airplanes, farmers, or various kinds of sales persons. All users of apps expect high quality apps, for instance, a high user experience. Further quality attributes of specific interest in the mobile domain are, for instance, security, energy efficiency, performance, portability, reusability, flexibility, or maintainability. Overall, the required quality profile can vary depending on the type of mobile app. But nevertheless, all mobile apps must be thoroughly engineered to be able to meet the quality requirements of their users and all other stakeholders involved in apps.

The engineering of mobile apps requires methods tailored to the mobile domain to guarantee the required quality. This includes methods to guarantee the quality of mobile apps by construction like tailored requirements engineering, UI & interaction design, or architectural design methods, as well as analytical quality assurance methods like testing and inspection methods tailored to the mobile domain.

Suggested topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:

  • Methods towards quality of mobile apps by construction
    • Requirements Engineering of mobile apps
    • UI and Interaction Design of mobile apps
    • Architectural Design of mobile apps
    • Implementation of mobile apps
  • Quality assurance methods for mobile apps
    • Testing of mobile apps
    • Inspections of mobile apps
  • Tool supporting the engineering of high quality mobile apps
  • Quality models for various types of mobile apps
  • Experiments and (industrial) case studies investigating the quality of mobile apps
  • Contributions related to specific quality attributes of mobile apps including user experience, security, performance, energy efficiency, flexibility, maintainability, portability, etc.

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